Hearts Surrendered in Adoration

In the past 15 years, we have seen the work of God in every child that has been part of the Bolivia Life Center family. An event that marked the lives of our team was when one of our boys was part of an electrical accident during one of his engineering courses in college. He could not walk or fend for himself. It broke our hearts to see a child that we have raised in the orphanage, now growing to an adult, go through such a tragic and painful accident.

He has been known for his selflessness and the way he treats his brothers from the orphanage. It was amazing to see those same boys care for him with admiration in return. My wife and I assisted him to eat, clean, and did all the necessary things to nurture him. He stayed in our home as we all nursed him back to health.

One Saturday night, we arrived from the youth service and heard loud music in the house. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from and who was playing it. I hurried to look to see what happened and when I arrived in the room where the music was coming from, I found the boy we helped mentor and raise, unable to move with bandages, casts, and every imaginable limitation. I watched him with an emotional heart. He had his hands raised as best as he could, worshiping the Lord, praying, broken, crying in the presence of God.

I will never forget it. I've seen others who have accidents or problems stop believing in the power of God, or let depression invade them and distract them from the Lord. But I know that God has changed many hearts through the Bolivia Life Center, from a past filled with pain and suffering to a new life and hope. These boys have grown spiritually in the Lord. They know that in the midst of storms, they can still love and confide in Jesus with all of their hearts.

When I see the Bolivia Life Center and each child, I know God has provided an incredible opportunity in their lives. God will continue to transform and forge new worshiper’s hearts through the lost and abandoned children in Bolivia and around the world.


This article was written by Sergio Espinoza, Associate Pastor of Sanidad Divina, Children’s Impact Network’s partner church in Bolivia.