Lourdes’ Unforgettable Day  

When children arrive at our orphanages, they come from backgrounds we cannot imagine.

 Not only are their situations so devastating, but it can take up to a decade for the full story to unravel. Through the years of healing and therapy provided to your children, we begin to hear the extent of it.

 As a ministry, we know the most powerful things that can make a difference is the Love of Christ and the love of a family. Every small moment that says “you’re special” or “I love you,” make an impact in their lives.

Lourdes is one of the girls at the Honduras Life Center. This month, she turned 15 while one of our mission teams was serving in the country. In Latin culture, a girl’s 15-year-old birthday, or Quinceañera, is one of the most special days in their lives.

The family at the HLC and the mission team hosted a special birthday party for her. Lourdes was shocked, surprised by the love she felt and how it was planned just for her.

Before she was rescued, Lourdes had no hope. Coming from a life no child should ever live, she now has a loving family. She has a hope and a future. On one of the most memorable days of her life, she felt the embrace of her big, extended family wishing her a precious Quinceañera.

Every act of love, every action that says “I chose you”, makes a life-changing difference. That’s why we want to thank Lourdes’s sponsors and all of the sponsors of our children who support and care for every single one.

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