Bolivia Life Center

The Bolivia Life Center (BLC) was the first international project for Children’s Impact Network. Started in 2003, the BLC provides a safe place for neglected, abused and abandoned boys to call home. The BLC is an orphanage that provides housing, food, health care, mentoring, educational support, skills training, and therapy.

The boys God brings to our door come from a variety of backgrounds. Some were a part of an abusive family, some were abandoned and left in a field or a park by their family, while others have no know family at all. The BLC strives to be the loving and caring family the boys never received before arriving at the BLC. A team of Tia’s (aunt’s) and Tio’s (uncle’s) and countless staff and volunteers serve the boys each day to show they are worthy of love and have a purpose here on this Earth.  The boys needs are financially coved thanks to generous donations of sponsors, CIN Partners, and sponsor families!

Our boys arrive to the BLC at all different ages between 3-18 years old. Currently we have 40 boys. Once they arrive the life center maintains legal custody of the boys until they reach adulthood. The adoption process in Bolivia is long and strenuous are rarely results in the government allowing a successful adoption, so the BLC becomes the permanent home of the boys until adulthood. When the boys reach adulthood they are able to choose to be apart of our Life Mentors program. This is a program which provides them financial support to go to a university, a trade school, or for housing as they begin to work in the world.