Children Homes



Life Center

The Bolivia Life Center (BLC) began in 2003. It is a place for abandoned, abused, and neglected boys to call home. The BLC currently serves 40 boys from the age of 6 to 18.


Honduras Life center

The Honduras Life Center (HLC) began in 2012. It is a place for abandoned, abused, and neglected children to call home. The HLC currently serves 28 children from the age of 4 to 18.


Chile Life Center

The Chile Life Center is currently in the process of becoming a safe place for abandoned, abused, and neglected children can call home.

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Mission Trips


Children’s Impact Network has been evangelizing to children in communities across Latin America thanks to all the efforts from all our amazing mission teams who come to serve, along with local community partnerships.

Village Impact

Village Impact is a project that adopts a community to fulfill their needs. Children’s Impact Network finds impoverished villages, many lacking plumbing and basic needs, and partners with locals to transform the area. Through humanitarian aid and strategic improvements, CIN build relationships with the people and its community leaders to improve their lives and spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Water Impact

Children’s Impact Network has been working in Latin America to bring clean water to communities all around these countries. CIN has been raising funds to build wells in local villages that will sustain the community with clean drinking water for a life time. Up to date, CIN has help provided clean drinking water access to over 20,000 people!

Life Mentor’s Program


The Life Mentor’s program is for children that graduated and age out of our Children Homes. This is usually because of legal requirements. they may age out, they are considered family. During this season, we want to continue supporting them as they go to college or trade school. Their Child Sponsors are able financially support them while they take the next step in life. They receive regular mentoring and guidance as they continue their life journey. Examples of what our children in our Life Mentors program have chosen to do include; Bible College in Argentina, University in Bolivia, going to a trade school, or starting to work. Sponsor’s donations help pay for their tuition, or housing or other needs they may have as they adjust to life in the world. The children are connected to our local partner churches so that they can get involved and grow.

Leadership Training and Conferences


CIN hosts training and conferences globally to equip church, ministry and community leaders. Through these events, we are able to help grow churches and ministries across the world. By providing teaching, resources, and children curriculum, CIN continues to impact leaders so that they can continue to make a difference.