Honduras Life Center


The Honduras Life Center (HLC) began in 2012 when Children’s Impact felt called to open an orphanage to serve youth in Honduras.  The HLC was created to give abused, neglected and abandoned children a safe place to call home. They become apart of a family with house parents and new brothers and sisters. At the HLC these children are provided with housing, food, health care, mentoring, educational support, skills training, and therapy. Most importantly they are surrounded by people who show these children that they are worthy of love and God has a purpose for them on this earth.

 We currently have 38 children split between two floors in our first Life House. Each floor has house parents who live at the HLC full time and are the primary caregivers for the children on their floor. Each floor has a loving family atmosphere which many of our children were deprived of before arriving at the HLC. Our life houses can house up to 40 children. We currently have one completed house and are in the process of constructing a second life house which will also be able to house 40 additional children! We hope to continue building more life houses in the future to continue rescuing children across Honduras.

These children are constantly loved on by our amazing house parents, volunteers and staff members.  We are able to send them to school and support them fully financially because of generous donations from sponsors, CIN partners and sponsor families who also provide love to our children from across America and the world!