Sponsorship includes a financial commitment of $75 a month minimum. This covers the cost of raising and supporting the child. To learn more about some of these costs, visit our Child Sponsorship page.

When you choose a child, you will be able to setup your recurring gift. Shortly after, we will send you an email and a package in the mail with your next steps on how you can introduce yourself to your child!


Wilson L.

Country: Bolivia

Age: 15

Interests: Drawing

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Miguel F.

Country: Bolivia

Age: 12

Interests: Playing with Cars


Cristian M.

Country: Bolivia

Age: 12

Interests: Computers


Edwin F.

Country: Bolivia

Age: 13

Interests: Playing Outside

Yessica V..jpg

Yessica V.

Country: Honduras

Age: 11

Interests: Painting and Fashion

Francisco V..jpg

Francisco V.

Country: Honduras

Age: 9

Interests: Riding Bicycles


Have you visited one of our children homes? If you are looking for a specific child, email Sponsorship@cinonline.org.